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Severe high temperature predicted in Karachi next three days

Karachi: (September 18, 2015) the biggest coastal city of Pakistan will under high temperature extremes due to changing direction of sea waves

According to the metrological department due to less compressed waves coming from the Rajasthan area of India the temperature of Karachi city will remain high for next three days. Temperature is predicted to increase from Friday which may reach up to 41˚C till Sunday.

It is advised to the people of Karachi that make your plan for next three days by keeping in mind the critical weather conditions of Karachi. Safety precautions should be adopted by the people and do not move unnecessarily from your homes.


Government high alerted all hospitals in the territory in order to cope with any unusual situation. Chief Secretary Sindh has cancelled the holidays of government hospitals staff. On the other hand metrological department also predicted rain in Karachi on September 21. Remember that due to severe heat in near past summer season hundreds of people had died due to heat stroke.


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