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Slow Cooked Meal Increases Alzheimer in Human Body

A research conducted in USA, experts in the study revealed that the slow cooked meal in increases amnesia, which leads Alzheimer in human body and be avoided.

Slow Cooked Meal Increases Alzheimer in Human Body

A report published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s School of Medicine in New York by two experts, during the research 549 different varieties of food cooked in different ways. The analysis found that food cooked over high heat to cook food while containing glucose and proteins, increases glucose and a complex mixture is formed into a scientific language, the mixture named as ‘GE’ .

Scientists say that the ‘GE’ overdose to human body gives rise to many serious diseases, one of them is  alzheimer. This disease directly affects the human brain, the disease some small things and events recorded in the beginning and then gradually loses its memory from human body


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