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Social media Websites blocked in Pakistan after Faizabad Operation

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – In reaction of the action against sit-in protesters of Islamabad the situation has become more terrible in Pakistan. On the safe side and to avoid from sharing of any activity being held during operation against Faizabad, the government of Pakistan has blocked Facebook, Twitter and youtube in different cities of Pakistan.

According to initial reports, the web pages of social networking sites have suspended that are creating problems for citizens in getting news on time about what is happening at Faizabad Interchange and else where. However, the mobile phone service and applications are still working.

Currently, due to the worse condition, the situation is get out of Punjab Police’s and FC’s hand. Due to which government has decided to call army. Notification regarding to take the services of army has been issued. While, the number of soldiers is not defined and pre-written in notification. This will be decided by Brigade Triple One.

Recent Update (10:00 PM): Army has refused and asked the government that try to control it by your own resources, news channel reported.

Army don’t want to do any operation against the citizens of Pakistan, analyst told.

Another perciption is, it may also be a part of script or propoganda to bring army and public at one platform to fight with each other.

In addition, Transmission of all the news channels has gone off-air in Islamabad and elsewhere on the directives of PEMRA but the viewers can watch latest news on website of different news channels.

PEMRA has also directed law enforcement agencies to make strict security arrangements for staff present in different media outlets across country.

The authority, in a written statement, stated that ban was imposed on directions of district administrations.

Reacting to the PEMRA’s decision, the senior analysts and journalists rejected the orders and alleged that government decided to halt the transmission to hide its inefficiency in the operation.


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