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Still Fog in Punjab

This week’s rains and cold weather persisted across the country because of the fog in most parts of Punjab routines are affected.

Still Fog in Punjab

In different parts of the country this week, heavy rain and snowfall across the country there have been enhanced views of the cold weather is at its peak. KP is the front part of the upper mountains, while the last 24 hours Kalam, Malam Jabba further 2 to 3 inches of snow is gone. Chitral desktop and other uplands 5th day snowfall on Saturday released the Upper and Lower Dir rain and snow, the cold increased, snow and ice in several places, roads have been closed.

Fog in most parts of Punjab have all the scene fade, Junctions is the fog light to Faisalabad Motorway M-3, which is 70 meters sight. Multan and surrounding areas due to heavy fog in sight while 5 meters Warning and heavy fog around the track on Friday was zero. According to the Meteorological Department in the areas of fog in the evening there will be increase.

Across the country in the past 24 hours the lowest temperature recorded in Parachinar was minus 8 degrees Celsius. Kalat negative 07, Astore, Skardu aurmalm Jabba negative 06, Gopis negative 05, Quetta and Kalam negative 04, Hunza aurdrus temperature minus 02, while, Rawalakot and Murree negative 01, Lahore and Peshawar 07, Islamabad 08, Hyderabad 10 while in Karachi minimum temperature was 13 degrees centigrade.

According to the Meteorological Department winds from the north, the night between Saturday and Sunday of the new series is entered in Punjab and Balochistan, the North Balochistan, Punjab and coastal areas, more rain and snowfall is expected.


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