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Supermodel Ayyan arrested for ‘Smuggling’ $500,000

RAWALPINDI: Custom authorities captured model and performing artist Ayyan from Islamabad air terminal on Saturday purportedly for Money Laundering, Private News Channel reported.

Video: Supermodel Ayyan has been arrested for ‘Smuggling’ $500,000.

Ayyan was gotten with $500,000 which she was professedly pirating to Dubai. The supermodel has been sent on a 14-day legal remand to Adiala prison. Further, an exceptional traditions court has conceded a request looking for Ayyan’s safeguard.

Ayyan was situated to board an Emirates air transport to Dubai and as per Airport Security Force did not pronounce that she was conveying a substantial whole of cash.

A government evasion body of evidence has been documented without wanting to soon be exhibited to a court.

Ayyan as of late moved to Europe where she is dealing with taking up another vocation in music.


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