Government Website ​​regarding Missing Children Recovery

Lahore: Punjab government has developed a website for the search of missing children and to spread the information of the children they recovered with their pictures, which aims to introduce the children to their parents. The chairman IT board Umar Saif has tweeted regarding the website news, he informed by his tweet that government of Punjab has made a website with a theme of “Missing Children Recovery”. The government will

PCB Chief Selector “Moen Khan” found in Casino

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief selector found in the Casino during the match between India and Pakistan Everybody is amazed on this act of Moen Khan (Chief Selector of PCB) that what he was doing in the casino when Pakistani team were losing match against India. According to Private TV Channel reporter who said that I am eye witnessed of this incidence and I saw Moen khan with his wife

Meera Proposed Imran Khan for Marriage: Scandal Video

Once again Lollywood Actress Meera wants to become the headline of every newspaper and news website. After showing interesting in marriage by Imran Khan, although he showed his wish just for fun but Meera took it very seriously and propose him for marriage. Meera praises the former cricketer and now politician for his good looks. “ If he ever asks me to marry me, I would definitely say yes,” she