Watch "Maalik" Full Pakistani Movie in HD Print by Ashir Azeem

After a great stress and initially banned by Pakistani government, the movie “Maalik” directed and produced by Ashir Azeem has been on-aired and available online now. Ashir made a huge effort for his movie to make it clear by sensor board and finally he did it. He wins the case and ban has lifted from his movie”Maalik”. The theme of the movie is related to the political situation in Pakistan

Ashir Azeem challenges the ban on Movie "Maalik" in Sindh High Court

The writer and director of film “Maalik” has challenged the exhibition/screening of the movie in the cinemas in Sindh High Court. The writer and director of a newly released movie “Maalik” Mr. Aashar Azeem has adopted a position by petitioning and said that the the ban is illegal. He has also written in the application submitted to the court that the movie has been picturised and made by the co-operation