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Taliban will launch Salah uddin operation against Zarb-e-Azab

Peshawar: (July 2, 2014) While talking to the media Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) said that we are going to launch launch Salah uddin operation against PAK Army operation Zarb-e-Azab. Taliban are now united under the supervision of Molvi Fazal ullah and we reached at safe place in North Waziristan.

They further said that we have planned to start Salah uddin operation against PAK Army. Our 9 persons are died and 5 are injured in the operation and now we will respond to Army with iron hands.


Taliban said that the real war has been started now and we will Insha Allah win the war and implement Islamic law in Pakistan. Like American Army, PAK army will also suffer in operation. We have prepared blast mines all over the Waziristan and our suicide attackers are ready to do attack on Army. They said that PAK Army will not achieve their goal of clearing Waziristan from Taliban.


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