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Teachers Transfer and Posting BAN has been Lifted Notification Issued on 27 July, 2016

The ban on teachers transfer in Punjab Schools has been lifted from 27th July, 2016. The transfer policy 2013 has been revised and new transfer policy with amendments has been issued by the education department of the Punjab Government.

It is not less than any blessing by God for the government school teachers. Now, they can change from their place of posting and can be transfered to any place of their desire.

Notification Number: No. SO (SE-IV) 2-34/2009 (TR)
Dated: July 27, 2016

Subject of notification was LIFTING OF BAN ON POSTING / TRANSFER

The Competent Autncrity has teen pleased to approve lilting of ban on posting or transfer of teaching staff with effect from 27-07-2016 for SSTs / SSEs ESTs / SESEs and PSTs / ESEs and 19-08-2016 for Principal’s Headmasters, Senior Headmasters, Headmistress, Senior Headmistress. SS/SSS

The respective trarsfering authorities shall issue transfer orders according to the Transfer policy 2013 issued vide No SO (SE-IV)2-34/2009 (Transfer) dated 17-04-2013, 24-06-2014 and 27-072016. The following time lines shall be observed for issuance of transfer orders:

FOR SSTs / SSEs, ESTs / SESEs and PSTs / ESEs

  • Receipt of transfer applications – July 27 to August 13
  • Scrutiny of applications, Display of merit list, Receipt and Removal of objections – August 13 to Aug 23
  • Issuance of transfer orders – August 24 to Aug 27
  • Joining – August 27 to Aug 31

For Principals, Headmasters, Snr. Headmasters, Headmistress, Snr. Head Mistress, SS / SSS

  • Receipt of transfer applications – August 19 to Sep 05
  • Scrutiny of applications, Display of merit list, Receipt and Removal of objections – Sep 05 to Sep 12
  • Issuance of transfer orders – Sep 13 to Sep 20
  • Joining – Sep 20 to Sep 26

Revised Transfer Policy 2013-Ban Lift-1

Revised Transfer Policy 2013-Ban Lift-2

Revised Transfer Policy 2013-Ban Lift-3

Revised Transfer Policy 2013-Ban Lift-4


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