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Terrorism Difficult to Eliminate

On World Economic Forum John Kerry in the Swiss city of Davis said in a speech condemning the tragedy that is high enough to Peshawar. Military action is also part of the solution to combating extremism, systematic strategies to prevent terrorists from Peshawar was the worst in history.

Terrorism Difficult to Eliminate

Taliban attack on children and prevent them from attending school. Whimsical school was facing death and destruction in a minute. If an attack on the army public school principal said I am the mother of these children, it was the woman’s last words. The principal’s bravery is less appreciated. He Malala ray of hope for children’s education, terrorism, weak government institutions where there is tension. US officials have said the alliance Iraq. Das and other organizations committed to ending. Iraq is not a country that pose world. Arab and European countries and Iran are facing.

He added 4 months ago I was planning to capture Baghdad, Iraq. Violent extremism remains a source of grave danger to the world, which may be able to find the competition, he explained Islam is a peaceful religion and that hath shall be wholly false terrorism and violent extremism be blamed. Islam teaches its followers peace and security, terrorism or violent extremism while examining the personal act of a few individuals. The personal elements which are destroyed in the world in the name of religion, spreading carnage and destruction, which does not allow religion. John Kerry and the Taliban militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan operations exclusively claimed the caliphate and killings in Iraq is presented. The Boko Haram reign of terror and mass murder is committed.


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