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The Heart wrenching story of two faces man

London: (August 14, 2014) Monstrosity stories of human are famous in the world. But the most mysterious and chilling story of Edward Murd Rack. He has two faces one is front of head the real face and the second is back to head. The Second face does not speak but twinkling eyes.  From information Edward was born in royal family. He looked charming from his front face but his back face was very ugly.

two faces

As he was became young man his back face became more ugly the increased in twinkling his evil eyes and vicious gossips. Edward does not like his back ugly face he said his face whispered whole night with him his face also murmuring by seeing other strange people. He also said that when he feels sad his evil face smiling. Edward finally eats poison in the age of 23 and get rid from their life. Before his death he requested in his letter that his back face cut off so that his grave saves from his evil face.


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