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The Story of a Nestle Milk Collection Center Located in Chistian

This story is about a milk collection center present at Chak No. 6, FW, Roomi Wala, Chistian (Bahawalnagar). The milk collection center was raided in the presence of local media and police. What has been found there is astonishing for everyone as the center was itself involved in preparation of “Adulterated Milk”.


The present scenario of the packed milk is worsening day by day. The multi national companies have been supplying even less than 10% of the total milk needed by the nation.However, the industry has seen a marvelous growth in the sales in recent few years. But, the supply of milk from animals is limited one. Thus a number of milk suppliers to the milk processing industry is involved in the “adulterated milk” prepared from Whey Power, Urea, Sugars and Vegeatble Ghee. These media reports are shaking the the trust of the consumers.

The present story emerged and the story is backed with pictures of a sub center milk collection center of Nestle. The milk collection center is allegedly involved in manufacturing of milk and thereafter supply it to Nestle processing plant. The local people accuses the “Zonal Manager of Nestle” as the main culprit behind the main supporter and promoter of fake milk.

It is noteworthy that a recent story regarding “Olpers Milk” was seen on the media which was encountered by Engro through a special sponsored video message by Sana Bucha stating that the Olpers Milk is safe and healthy. The video message and a dedicated web page stated that neither chemicals nor adulterants are added in the whole processing of milk.

These pictures show the preparation of adulterated milk at a collection center of Nestle where Whey Powder, Ghee and Electric Shakers for mixing these ingredients. Allegedly, this malpractice is going on for many years with the support of Nestle staff. This “Artificial Manufacturing” of a milk and its supply to the milk processing plants is a question mark on the quality controls of Nestle.

Place: Nestle Milk Collection Center, Chak No. 6, FW, Roomi Wala, Chistian

Picture Credits: Shafiq ur Rehman

Note: We would like to hear from Nestle too at, if any denial or if they have done anything regarding the said milk collection center.


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