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Three terror groups accept the responsibility of Wagha blast

Lahore: (November 3, 2014) Last night a very sad incident occurred on wagha border when a terrorist suicide blast killed more than 50 people and 200 injured. after that three terrorist groups accepted the responsibility of Wagha border attack which makes the condition unclear.

Firstly, Jind Ullah terror group spokesman “Ahmad Marvat” accept the responsibility of attack and said that we will continue such types of attacks in the future after that Hakim Ullah Masood group rejected the Jind Ullah and accepted the responsibility of attack.

Ghulam Mahsood said that this blast was reply of death of Hakim Ullah Masood In the Waziristan. Another terror group “Jamat Al Ahrar” also accepted the responsibility of blast. This condition creates the doughty environment.

wagha-border blast

On the other hand government has closed the wagha border for public visitor during parade ceremony for next three days.


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