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With the increasing population pressure and energy consumption there is need for new energy resources. So BIODIESEL which is made by chemically reacting lipids with an alcohol gains a great attention now days. Here is the list of TOP 10 BIODIESEL producing countries.

Germany Drops Biofuel Plans


The REPUBLIC OF AUTRIA is a land locked country with 8.47 million people. Its majority population speaks Bavarian dialects of German as local language. It produces 0.40 Billion liters BIODIESEL and at the bottom of the list.


The Netherland consists of twelve provinces and three islands in Caribbean. It is geographically a low-lying country with 21 % of population and 20 % of an area below sea level. It Produces 0.50 Billion liters BIODIESEL and one of the significant BIODIESEL producers in the world.


KINGDOM OF SPAIN is a member state of European Union. Its area is 505, 992 km2 which makes it a 2nd largest country in Western Europe and 5th largest country in Europe. It also produces 0.45-0.50 Billion liters BIODIESEL and retains its significant position.


It is the first country in the world that launched BIODIESEL as NATIONAL PROGRAM on 10th of July, 2001. There are several BIODIESEL plants are working in Thailand and produces 0.90 Billion liter. The raw material is mostly obtained from palm oil, coconut oil, jatropha and tallow.


INDONESIA has been producing biodiesel by using palm oil. Eternido group is the largest group working on BIODIESEL production. They also export BIODIESEL to USA, Germany, Japan and other Asia Pacific countries. Recent Data shows that it produces 1.50 Billion liter BIODIESEL.


FRENCH REPUBLIC is a developed country in Western Europe. It is the 3rd largest country in Europe and 2nd largest economic zone in world. It enjoys 4th position as wealthiest country in the world. It also has an honor of most-visited country receiving annually 79.5 million foreign tourists. Its BIODIESEL production is 1.90 Billion liters.


GERMANY mostly produced biodiesel from rapeseed. As in GEMANY diesel engines are more popular than petrol engines that are why almost half of the all newly manufactured cars are powered by diesel. VERBIO is a major BIODIESEL producer in Germany and play major role in County Economy. Recently GERMANY produces 2.65-2.70 billion litters and 4th on the list.


Federative republic of Brazil is the largest country in South America as well as in Latin America. It is one of the largest Lusophone countries in the world and also enjoys the position of World 5th largest country by geographical area and population. Its economy is world’s 7th by nominal GDP and is a founding member of United Nation. It opened the commercial BIODIESEL refinery in 2005. It is 3rd on the list with 2.70 Billion liters BIODIESEL production. It prefers CASTOR BEAN BIODIESEL production.


Argentina emerged out as Major Biodiesel producer in recent years. Its industry boomed out as a result of local demand and strong export market. Its a main exporter of BIODIESEL in the world and ranks as 2nd largest producer. It produces 2.80 Billion liters in past year. Its industry depends on SOYABEAN. IT is largest among Spanish speaking nations and 2nd largest in Latin America.  Due to its flourishing economy it gains the attention of whole world investors.


USA is the super power of the world from last few decades and also stands 1st in the list. It is the world largest BIODIESEL producer with 3.60 Billion Liters.  Although in USA it is more expensive as compared to fossil diesel but prefer in its rural areas. It is one of the most ethnically diverse and multi-cultural nation in the world.


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