In this world majority of population is living below a poverty line. Everyone wants to live at those places which are facilitated and cheaper at a time. Obviously they are under developed countries whose currency value is less than dollar. Tourism also supports such kind of countries that are more beautiful and low cost living standard at a time.


Here is the list of top 10 countries that are cheap as well as best for tourism. This list helps two types of people first those who wants to live in some other country and second those who wants to enjoy their holidays. So here it is!


Europe has many countries but Croatia is no doubt one of its beautiful countries. The prices on all items are controlled by local authorities so people are not charged excessive price on anything. This is one of the best places even to live or visit.


MOROCCO is a beautiful country of North Africa. Most goods are reasonably priced so the economy is very stable. It is one of the hot spot for tourists that are why many companies are opened their offices in MOROCCO. Now day it is considered as maximum visited country by tourists.


BALI is an island which is beautiful and cheap as well. One of the silent features of BALI is that it has greatest diversity among all Asian Cities of the world. It ensures all luxuries of life along diving and surfing which defiantly enhances the interest of the people.


Peru is a South American country having world’s most beautiful landscapes. It is a very huge mining country with busy shipping industry which attracts the budding businessmen from whole world. The goods offered in low prices so local community and tourists love this place


Greece is a European country with clean environment and cheaper living standards. This country is rich in history so an amazing place for history lovers.  It is one of the beautiful countries in the world.


Mexico is one of cheapest and desirable country to live in with low prices items and beautiful beaches and forests. Nature loving people love to visit this place. It offers decent life without having bundles of money.


SRILANKA is one of the fabulous countries of ASIA due to its beauty and great living standards in low price. The economy depends on county own resources so everything is priced well. The Living is so cheap that a person with average job can eat like a state king every day. It is full of mind blowing beaches and forests.


Brazil is famous for its huge tropical rainforests and gorgeous beaches. It is wrongly believed that Brazil is very costly place but in reality the economy policy restrains the merchants from overcharging that’s why prices in control. Everyone with average salary can easily live there. The Rio de Janeiro is best place and a magnet in Brazil for tourists.


New Zeeland is full of natural beauty like wide lush meadows, rolling green hills and cool environment. People can live there a luxury life even in a low cost. People believed that it is more beautiful than Australia but less expensive.


On the top of the LIST there is PAKISTAN. Although this country faces many economic and political problems but it still the cheapest place to live in. Its Northern areas are no doubt full of natural beauty which attracts tourists from all over the world. You can easily find a place to live in within 70-100 dollars.  Pakistan has a diverse land with nature beauty.

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