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Top ranked tall buildings of 2015

According to international department of tall buildings every year a list of top ranked tall buildings is issued. These tall buildings list is issued after comparison with many building all over the world. The department has issued the top ranked tall buildings of 2015 this year

 One Central Park:

The building named “One Central Park” is present in Sydney and it was declared best building of the year. The building was constructed in 2015 having 116 meter height. This building is environment friendly and through sunlight rooms became warm in this building.

building 2

Edith Green Vandal:

American city Portland has this building and it is given award of 2015 best green and environment friendly building. Its height is 110 meter but it is American best building in term of low energy consumption.

building 3

D Rooter Dam:

This building is present in Europe and it is also included in the best tall building of 2015. If we look at this building we can imagine that these are eight different towers but actually it is only one building. It was constructed in 2013 having 150 meter height and have much attraction for the tourists.

building 4


Burj Kiyan:

It is present in United States of Arab Emirates. It is also included in the top taller buildings of 2015. It has 306 meter height and things which distinguish it from other buildings is its shape and architecture. It is rotated up to 90 degrees.

building 1

Post tower:

CTUBH has given ten years awards to post tower located in city bone. It is near the D-W. This building is ranked in lowest energy consumption building from the last ten years.

building 5

Central Television Building:

Last year the award of 10 years best buildings was given to the central television building which is located in Chinese city Beijing. This building was constructed in 2011 and all parts of it are divided into separate sections.

building 6


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