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Top Ranked Websites from Pakistan

The renowned website ranker Alexa has published the ranking of websites from all over the world. The top websites from Pakistan have been reviewed here which reveals the shift in trend over the past and the inclusion of web sites getting traffic from Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other ones.


Google, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and BlogSpot maintains themselves in the top 10 websites from Pakistan. These are well maintained international websites which rank among the top 10 websites worldwide too, no matter whichever the country is. Google is the top used search engine, Facebook is top social media platform used by more than 1 billion people on earth, Wikipedia is the free source of information posted by users for easy to understand and BlogSpot is top used platform for blogging (A Google Owned platform). However, Twitter is not able to get ranking in top 10, however, it currently stands at 13th position.

A few Pakistani owned websites which are among the top 50 are UrduPoint, JavedCh, HamariWeb, Express News, Daily Pakistan, Daraz, Dawn News, National Testing Service, Daily Jang News, WhatMobile, , YtPak and TunePk. Most of these popular sites are news channel owned which regularly add current information from happening around Pakistan.

This information is based on data available on September 14, 2016 and the ranking of websites vary from time to time depending upon the interests of users and their popularity.


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