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Trump and Clinton face each other on 10 major issues for America

Presidential election of United States of America are going to be held on Tuesday 8th November, 2016. Nobody knows that who will win the coming political fight for the 45th president of US. One who will win the election, will clinch the white house and rule the America.

Before the election, both of the contestants have been debated over nine key issues of America. They have spoken out on Abortion, Economy, Foreign Policy, Gun Control, Health, Homeland Security, Immigration, Religion and Same-Sex Marriage.

Clinton talks about rebuilding middle class, providing jobs, childcare during her election campaign somewhere in U.S.A.  She Said, “I will not add a penny to the national debt.”

Both candidates appeared fit and well during the debate. What they actually have in their minds, can be seen and listen from the videos given below.

Clinton vs Trump “Temperament”

It’s hard to make yourself heard in a room with Donald Trump.

Donald may reject Election Results.

Trump defended his plan for border wall.

Trump branded claims he sexually assaulted women as “totally false”.

Clinton v Trump: Who won the debate? Have your say in the comments below.


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