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Twitter introduced “Super Tweet” private messaging service

Twitter has announced in June that the limit of 140 words will be erased and users will also be benefitted through private messaging service

London: Twitter is launching new service in which above 140 words messages will be sent easily along with “Super Tweet” private messaging service. While addressing to Wall street journal the owner of twitter “Jack Dorsey” said that with this service one to one private chat will be possible. This service is named “Direct Message” or DM. during this June twitter has announced this service however due to these changes public tweets will not be disturbed.

super tweet introduced soon

According to technology expert twitter experiencing great challenge fro facebook, whatsapp and VChat which are spending lot of money on messaging service. Till now twitter has 30 billion users while facebook has 150 billion users. That’s why now twitter is thinking to provide facebook like message service to their users. Apart from that another services like audio, video will also be further improved.


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