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Two boys hostels given to girls at UAF, boys are suffering

Two main boys hostels named Fateh Hall and Afzal hall have been given to girls at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

Now-a-days boys are suffering with problems at UAF. Around 800 students were living there in these two hostels and today those are search for shelter. University management disturbing students alot. No one cares about students. Hostels are consists of two kinds of rooms. One in Dormitory and other is Cubical. Originally cubical is for just a single student and dormitory is for only four (4) students. But hostel management is voileting this rule since years ago and students are living in comfort condition. In cubical two students were living while in dormitory eight (8) students were living before the date. But now today University is crossing the limits and exerting pressure on students and forcing 10 students to live in dormitory and 3 students in cubical. After such saturation there will be no space in room, you will find charpae (cart) everywhere in room.

UAF Hostels

“We are doing this to adjust the students in university campus, said by Chief Hall warden.” Shame on you Hall Warden sb

If you want to adjust the students then please built new hostels, and that is also the need of time.

The policy to adjust the students came from Fateh Hall and Afzal hall is disturbing the students who are living in other hostels (Liaquat Hall, Sir Syed Hall, Qazafi Hall, Teepu Hall, Ayyub Hall and Tariq Hall) and the IDPs as well. Here from the word IDPs i mean those students who came from Fateh hall and Afzal Hall. The hostel-less students are wondering for shelter. They are in trouble and just like vagrant. Condition of hostels is very bad now-a-days.

UAF Hostels

It is request to university and specially hostel management that please don’t disturb the students otherwise you will also suffer. The pressure you are creating will burst one day and ruined you. And then you would nothing to do. Try to understand and build new hostels. In the name of new hostels University is doing corruption. Corruption at every step. Please stop it, Prof. Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan sb please stop it and facilitate the students. You are charging high for good facilities but your facilities are not just like that.UAF Hostels Story

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UAF Hostels


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