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Wagah blast more than 40 dead, dozens injured 2 November 2014

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WAGAH: A powerful suicide blast at Pak-India Wagah border has been taken place today on 2nd November 2014 at about 6 PM. At least 37 were killed and dozens injured due to this powerful suicide blast at Wagah border Lahore on Sunday.

According to initial reports, the blast took place in the parking area of the parade avenue, while the ‘lowering of the flag’ ceremony had been just completed. People were moving back to their homes. In Initial reports it has been reported that it was a cylinder blast, however now it is established that it was not a cylinder blast but actually it was a suicide blast.

ARY News Lahore bureau chief, Arif Hameed Bhatti quoted responsible sources as saying that it was a suicide blast and it happened when the flag lowering ceremony was completed but the people were almost their after the end of the ceremony. When the people started moving back to their homes and ceremony ended by Pakistani Rangers and Indian Border Security forces a blast took place.

Material that was used in blast was not Pakistani, foreign material has been used by suicider, source said.

Bhatti further said that the attacker was with about 25 kilograms of explosives, he was present in spectators and he enjoyed the whole ceremony but after some time he found suspicious by some persons. His movements were suspicious and found suspect but the people ignored him. He became more careful after the people try to notice his activities. At the ceremony for quite some time, he detonated himself when the people grew suspicious about his movements.

Meanwhile, the rescue teams and security personnel has been reached the spot and they are shifted the dead bodies and injured to the near by hospital.

It has also been reported that two personnel of Pakistan Rangers dead in this incident. May their souls rest in Peace (Ameen!!).


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