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Watch “Maalik” Full Pakistani Movie in HD Print by Ashir Azeem

After a great stress and initially banned by Pakistani government, the movie “Maalik” directed and produced by Ashir Azeem has been on-aired and available online now.

Ashir made a huge effort for his movie to make it clear by sensor board and finally he did it. He wins the case and ban has lifted from his movie”Maalik”.

The theme of the movie is related to the political situation in Pakistan especially in Sindh and Balochistan. How the politicians win the election and how they serve their people? All about the pre and post-election story has been pictured.

An excellent movie in which the CM was murdered by his own security guard just because of his non-serious and illegal activities at CM house. In addition, politicians use their power and disgrace the people of their areas, use them according to their wish and desire. Their actions never follow their words.

Full movie is available now. Click on the image that you can see below, if you are unable to see it, please press F5 or refresh the page.

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