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Watch Taraweeh Prayer Live from Makkah

Holy month of great blessings has been started. Muslims rush to mosques to offer a sunnah prayer “Taraweeh” in every night. Taraweeh prayer offers after Isha prayer.

The people who are far away from Makkah, now they can watch the live transmission of Namaz-e-Taraweeh from Holy Mosque of Makkah from the link given below.

Watch live transmission from Makkah Al-Mukarama.

“Islam is the pious religion for all, advocates for the Oneness of God, one holy divine revelations of Quran for all the races, one faith, one trust, one equality for all with a firm belief that ALLAH is the Creator, retainer & Sustainer of the universe & its followers are Muslims. ALLAH may bless divine religions Islam to save & serve the humanity. RAMADAN KAREEM.”-Afzal Ali Jagirdar


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