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Water Supply from Rawal Dam Stopped to Twin Cities

Rawalpindi (Online): Water supply from the closest water reserve to the tin cities (Rawalpindi and Islamabad) has been stopped after the death of thousands of fish. It was spread through social media and news stories that some chemical has been thrown in the Rawal Dam which caused the fish to die.

The samples taken from the Rawal Dam were sent to NARC and the results are negative. Furthermore,samples were also sent to NIH and PCSWR to ind whether there is any substance injurious to human health.

Aquaculture and Fisheries Program of NARC has confirmed that some chemical has been used to kill the fish and that chemical damaged the skin of the one specif type of fish found in Rawal Dam.

The administration of Rawal Dam has banned fishing from the Rawal Dam.

Thereafter, water supply was stopped from Rawal Dam and WASA started operating around 400 tube wells for provision of water to these twin cities.

More investigation is under way to fnd the cause of death of fish from Rawal Dam whther it is through some chemical, low levels of oxygen or something else.


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