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We will Determine the New China: Obama

US President Barack Obama says China’s economy to its trade rules to govern is to try to but I want to tell the world that we will determine the development of China.

We will Determine the New China Obama

He said Workers will hurt us, why do we allow this to happen, we must also prepare for the competition field. He urged Congress Pacific Region and related commercial agreements be given full powers to work for the US economy and workers build 95 percent of the world businessmen live outside our borders and we can not separate ourselves from these opportunities. We drove from the US economic crisis and the world economic development will determine China, not the United States.

The US president said that our 2 generations have faced the most dangerous wars and terrorism from the world largely been eliminated, but many places are still terrorist threats, ranging from Pakistan to Paris up with people who are affected by terrorism, wherever in the world the threat to America and its allies have the right to act unilaterally if found. He terrorism in Afghanistan last 13 years has been closed operations, counterterrorism troops are grateful to serve. Islamic extremist organization, but we did take a little time to defeat the Iraqi defeat in each case will get there. To defeat the extremist organization both houses of Congress to the use of military force against Islamic demanded to pass the bill.

Regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Obama said Iran have nuclear weapons is a rare opportunity to prepare from the Congress to impose new sanctions on Iran if necessary, the Congress of any new restrictions on Iran try using special powers, then I will veto it. They had talks with Iran will succeed or fail in this regard can not be called anything but the Congress during the negotiations on Iran if the new restrictions will ensure the failure of the talks.


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