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Why on September 16 more children are born in USA every year?

New York: According to scientist September is month when more children are born as compared to other month and September 16 is day when most of the people celebrating their birthday every year

September 9, 23, 17, 22 are the second, third, fourth and fifth most popular dates regarding high children birth rate in America. American newspaper “New York Times” has published a report regarding child birth date in which each date of the year is graded according to birth rate in America. Economy expert from Harvard University “Amitab Chandar” published this report in New York Times based on data from 1973 to 1999.


According to report in USA most of the children are born in the month of August but if we skip the August 31 from the calendar then September is the month where more children are produced and September 16 is the day which you can say American Children birth day. Expert has also predicted the days in each month when more number of people have birthday in USA.


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