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Why UAF Faisalabad Expels 3 students recently in June 2017?

Faisalabad: The Agri-Varsity has expelled three students on recommendations of one of the committees. The students have been allegedly criticizing the university administration and management on social media.

The University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, (UAF), one of the best universities of the Asia in agricultural category, has taken this step to stop students criticism against the facilities available in university.

It has been learned that the fee charged from students have seen a sharp rise in the last few years while the facilities have not been improved. Among the public sector universities of the Punjab province, the fee is amongst the highest.

The UAF had taken such step two years back by expelling Syed Kashan Haider on the same charges which upon heavy pressure from media was set aside.

The university had expelled Mohammad Asfandyar Jawaid, Zubair Iqbal and Ghulam Jillani after it was found that they were posting material against the UAF’s management on a Facebook page “Roznama UAF”, university said in a statement.

The action was taken from the posts published on the Facebook page titled “Roznama UAF” which is famous among the university’s students with thousands of followers who like and comment on its posts. The purpose of this page is to expose the wrongdoings of the university which is not tolerable to the university administration. The said page is still making corruption scandals public through its posts.

One of the expelled students said in an interview that he was called for questioning by the administration officials where he told them that he was not running any page against the varsity. But they replied that you like and comment on the page’s posts and that’s enough evidence to expel you, he added.

It’s very unfortunate that we can do anything except to avoid corruption.

This is not for the first time that UAF has expelled its students over social media posts, criticising the administration. Last year in January, the university had expelled a student, Kashan Haider, after he criticised an event organised by the management.

The constitution confers right to have opinion to every citizen and to criticism.

The Provincial Government and Higher Education commission must take action and interrogate the alleged corruption scandals raised on the current regime of the university and to set aside the order issued by the varsity.


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