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Women on Wheels Motorbike Scheme: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lahore: CM Punjab has launched the Phase-II of Women on Wheel: Subsidy Motorbikes Scheme 2018 today on 22nd January, 2018. Applications would be accepted till 24th February, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions are given below:

Q: What is “WOW”?
A: WOW- Women on Wheels is a Government of Punjab’s initiative for social empowerment of women whereby a GoPb subsidized motorbike is being provided to trained and licensed women.

Q: Which motorbike is being offered under the scheme?
A: Customized Honda Dream CD 70 motorbikes are being offered under this scheme.

Q: What is the Color of the motorbike?
A: The color of the motorbike is Pink.

Q: What is the Price of motorbike before subsidy?
A: The price of motorbike before subsidy is Rs. 67,500/-

Q: What is the Equity Subsidy by GoPb?
A: The Equity subsidy by GoPb Rs. 24,975/-

Application Form: 

Download BoP Application Form to Apply for WoW Motorbike Scheme Phase-II

Q: What is the Loan amount financed by The Bank of Punjab (BOP)?
A: The loan amount of Rs. 22,275/- will be financed by BOP.

Q: What will be the Monthly Installment payable?
A: The monthly installment is Rs. 1,856/-

Q: What will be the Tenure of the loan?
A: The Tenure of loan is 12 months

Q: What amount of Subsidy is being offered by GoPb?
A: The Government of Punjab is offering the following subsidy on this scheme to qualified candidates:
1. One time Equity Participation of Rs 24,975/-
2. Markup Subsidy The Customer will pay Zero mark-up.

Q: What Markup Rate will be charged for this scheme?
A: The customer will pay Zero markup. GoPb is subsidizing the total markup.Q:

Q: Who can apply for WOW Motorbike?
A: Following females can apply for the WOW Motorbike:
1) Age between 18 to 40 years.
2) Having a Valid CNIC
3) Having a Valid Motorcycle driving license or Learners License at the time of application
4) Resident in Punjab and (self) employed or studying in any of the following five cities:

  • a) Lahore
  • b) Faisalabad
  • c) Multan
  • d) Sargodha
  • e) Rawalpindi

5) Maximum Monthly income of applicant (if employed) or guardian/household (if not employed) does not exceed Rs 30,000
6) Secondary School Certificate / Matriculation
7) Express Consent of Parent / Guardian on application form with one Guarantor, where Guarantor can be a parent or guardian

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WoW: Punjab Govt Launches Motorbike Subsidy Scheme Phase-II on 22 Jan

Q: What Documentation is required for WOW?
A: The interested females have to submit the following documents:
1. Complete application form (link to form)
2. Valid CNIC
3. One Photograph
4. An affidavit that the “Maximum Monthly income of applicant (if employed) or guardian / household (if not employed) does not exceed Rs 30,000” (Format of affidavit available on
5. Matric / equivalent certificate
6. In case applicant is a student, her educational institutions ID card or enrolment letter or copy of last paid fee.
7. Copy of CNIC of Guarantor (in case applicant not employed)
8. Valid Driving License / Learners License
9. Punjab Domicile

Q: Where can I get the application for this scheme?
A: The application for this scheme is available at or at the designated BOP branches.

Q: What is the application Process?
A: Once all documents are completed you will submit the same at any of the BOP designated Branches along with processing fee.

Q: What Processing fee do I have to pay with application?
A: One time non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 3,000/- shall be payable by the applicant at the time of depositing her application with BOP.

Q: What will happen once I submit Complete Application?
A: Once complete application is submitted with BOP, it will be sent to designated GoPb departments for verification. Once the verification is complete the balloting will be done in case the applications received are greater in number than the motorbikes available for this scheme.

Q: What is the Verification Process?
A: DC Office will undertake the verification of the documents.

Q: When will Balloting be done?
A: Balloting date will be announced by Government of Punjab and the list of successful applicants will be placed on

Q: What is the Post Balloting procedure?
A: The successful applicants shall require to:
a. Open a bank account with BOP
b. Deposit their down payment in their bank account.
c. Sign the loan agreement booklet
d. obtain the Motorbike driving license in case they have given a provision license at the time of application
e. Submit source of income.

Q: What is the Down Payment?
A: The successful applicants shall deposit Rs. 27,000/- as down payment.

Q: What is the Breakup of Down Payment?
A: The breakup of down payment is as follows:

Particulars Amount (Rs) Equity Participation by applicant 20,250
Estimated Registration charges 3,375
Estimated Insurance @ 5% 3,375
Total Down Payment 27,000

Q: What documents are required for establishing Source of Income?
A: You shall submit the following documents for establishing Source of Income:
1. Applicant is a Salaried Individual OR Her Parent / Guardian is a Salaried Individual Salary slip / Salary certificate not more than 6 months old or last 3 months bank statement depicting salary credits.
2. Applicant is a Self Employed OR Her Parent / Guardian is a Self Employed
a. Bank statement of business accounts or Bank statement in individual name for last 6 months
b. Certificate of Profession (doctor, engineer, nurse etc) in case of professionals
c. Incase Bank statement is not available, BOP staff will conduct income estimation.

Q: How will I pay Monthly Installment?
A: It is your responsibility as a customer to deposit Monthly Installment in your BOP account on or before 5th of every month.

Q: How can I prepay the loan amount?
A: You will have to pay all the outstanding amount and the charges, if any, in order to prepay the loan amount.

Q: What insurance coverage is available?
A: Insurance coverage include Theft and Total Loss only and shall be arranged from an Insurance company on bank’s approved panel only.

Q: What penalty will I be charged for not depositing monthly installment in time?
A: Rs. 10 per day from due date till actual payment date shall be charged from you in case of late payment.

Q: Will I have to pay any Prepayment Penalty incase of early retirement of the loan?
A: No, there is no prepayment penalty in case of early retirement of loan.

Q: In case of any further Queries, whom should I contact?
A: In case of any questions, feel free to contact the following:
Project Team: 042-3581 7491
Or visit our official website:


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